Alcohol Free | Health & Flavor Mixer | 10 Servings

High In Antioxidants

Superfood > 5000 orac units per 5 ml tsp serving. Daily detox with free radical scavenging to relieve oxidative stress with grape's natural polyphenols

Zero Alcohol - Zero Sulfites

Removed with grape water by vacuum distillation.

Daily Health Maintenance

For longevity with ultrahigh levels of polyphenol antioxidants per serving supporting the cardiovascular system, anti-inflammatory and immune system, metabolic and insulin health, with improved skin radiance, sleep and memory

99.8% Pure Grape Wine

Grape wine extract enhanced with natural polyphenols of grape seed and skin from France, with organic grape sugar from Italy

Non Gmo - Gluten Free

No allergens

100% Organic Sweeteners

99.5% organic grape sugar
0.5% organic stevia

100% Natural Polyphenols

Natural polyphenols from Mediterranean vineyards to add to water as a medicinal or to any drink for added health and flavor

13 Calories, 3 Carbs

In one teaspoon squeeze a serving, 10 servings a vial

Our Product

Healthy Wine Alternative

Wine Health Boost | 2-Pak

$14.49 per Bottle Regular price $28.98
Sulfite Free Non Alcoholic Wine

Wine Health Boost | 4-Pak

$13.49 per Bottle Regular price $53.96
Low Calorie Non Alcoholic Wine

Wine Health Boost | 6-Pak

$12.49 per Bottle Regular price $74.94

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Since a young boy, I have always been passionate about nature and health which led me to pursue a doctorate in environmental health & engineering.

Researching the mysteries of the grape’s many natural cures, I developed Wine Health Boost packaged to easily supplement any beverage for daily health maintenance with a concentrate of grape’s powerful polyphenol antioxidants with low calories and flavor.

When looking to make a Healthy Non-Alcoholic Wine or to supplement any drink with grape’s high polyphenols health benefit, you shouldn’t have to compromise in terms of flavor, quality and benefit.

– Dr. Tom Peyton

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has an unlimited number of uses. Physicians recommend 2 glasses of red wine polyphenols per day that equals 2 servings of Wine Health Boost. Its popular use is to mix 2 servings at concentrations to taste with water as a medicinal for daily health maintenance or to lemon, lime and orange drinks as a healthy polyphenol supplement. Makes a great non-alcoholic sangria.  Its smooth mouthfeel and semi-sweet taste carries dark currant tones. It drives your curiousity to try as a non-alcoholic wine or spritzer or in other drinks and foods, such as yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, and in cocktails. A favorite is to mix with seltzer, champagne, prosecco or brandy cocktails.

The Lemon Boost

  • Over ice add
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • Top with still or soda water
  • Firm 1 tsp squeeze of The Boost
  • Garnish with grape & lemon slice
Wine Health Boost has over 5000 ORAC units per 5 ml tsp serving, a much higher concentration than most Superfoods. Free radicals from oxidative stress cause molecular dysfunction, including cancer. The anti-oxidants of grape's high polyphenols wine scavenge these free radicals.
Wine Health Boost is low in calories at 13 per serving. That is about 10% wine or grape juice calories, and 20% of most non-alcoholic wines.
Wine Health Boost has 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving and half are from organic crystalline grape sugar and the other half from higher complex assimilated carbohydrates of the grape.
Wine Health Boost is naturally sourced, primarily from vineyards of France and Italy.
A means of losing weight is ketosis where carbohydrates are restricted from the diet forcing the body to breakdown fat for energy. Wine Health Boost is low in carbohydrates and will not imbalance ketosis.
Wine Health Boost ingredients are certified free of FDA allergens or other foreign biohazards or toxic chemicals.
Wine Health Boost is sulfite free. When wine is vacuum distilled the increased temperature and vacuum removes the sulfite.
Wine Health Boost is derived nearly 100% from the vineyard’s red grape: red wine extract organic crystalline grape sugars; and grape seed and skin polyphenols.
No ingredient of Wine Health Boost is from a genetically modified organism.
Red wine polyphenols range from 100-200 mg per glass of red wine. Concentrations of polyphenols in Wine Health Boost are over 150 mg per 1 tsp serving, a 5 ml tsp equalling a glass of red wine.
Wine Health Boost is alcohol free. When wine is made grape sugars are converted to alcohol by fermentation. Alcohol is a volatile liquid and when wine is vacuum distilled over 99% of the alcohol is removed.
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye grains and associated with celiac disease. Wine Health Boost is free of gluten derived 99.8% from the vineyard grape and 0.2% from the sweet leaf stevia plant.
With only 3 carbs per serving there are only 13 calories and half are from assimilated carbohydrates of grape. Keto friendly does not interfere with a low carb diet maintaining ketosis that preferentially burns fat instead of dietary carbs.
Wine Health Boost has highly diverse uses as a supplement conveniently packaged in a multi-serving pocket sized container to make your own healthy wine alternative including mixing in any drink of your choice at the concentration you like for the health benefits of high polyphenol wine with or without alcohol
We naturally consume about 1000 mg per day of polyphenols in our diet from fruits and vegetables and are essential to the body's health maintenance reducing oxidative stress. Wine's polyphenols from grape skin and seeds neutralize the oxidative stress of alcohol's free radicals. In the absence of alcohol there are more beneficial polyphenols available to reduce oxidative stress,. 2 servings a day of Wine Health Boost provides 20-40% of our daily polyphenol dietary need. High polyphenol wine is best known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase longevity. Polyphenols lower blood pressure through vasodilation, reduce blood clots lowering atheroscloris, promote less cell wall insulin resistance reducing Type II diabetes, protect against cancer, inflammatory-immunity disorders, and reduce neurological diseases increasing small blood vessel circulation in our brain.
Per delivered dose, Wine Health Boost from grapes (vitis vinifera) is 2.6X more effective at relieving oxidative stress than cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis (cannabis sativa) at less than 15% the price. Grape polyphenols are both insoluble supplements and water soluble nutraceuticals. Grape polyphenols are used as an anti-inflammatory dermal ointment inhibiting proinflammatory enzymes on skin and are taken orally to prevent disease by reducing oxidative stress systematically throughout the body. The typical cost of Wine Health Boost is less than $1.25 for a 150 mg polyphenol dose. Grape polyphenols have 375% more antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C. (11,700 ORAC Value-micromol TE/g of grape skin polyphenol). CBD is a water insoluble supplement and is also an anti-inflammatory dermal ointment inhibiting proinflammatory enzymes on skin tissue and is taken orally for disease prevention reducing oxidative stress. The typical cost of a CBD "gummie" is $1.25 for a 25 mg dose. CBD has 150% the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C (4,500 ORAC Value-micromol TE/g of CBD)
If you currently consume alcoholic red wine, drink it in moderation due to the neurological and oxidative stress of alcohol. Without alcohol, 2 servings a day of Wine Health Boost provides 20-40% of the polyphenols in our diet with low calories and is safe to consume for daily health maintenance.


Meet Wine Health Boost. The first all natural, 99.8% grape wine blend for Eau de Vin wine water health mix.