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When I was a six-year old boy in West Lafayette, Indiana, my older brother and sister went to middle school in Florence, Italy and brought back stories to America of their Tuscan classmates drinking red wine at lunch, saying a glass or two a day was healthy. This planted a seed in back of my young mind .

Many decades later, in of all places the Caribbean, on the Virgin Islands, it came into fruition. At a rum distillery on St. Croix, with two Danish scientists, we developed the means to make non-alcoholic by-products from fermented grain and fruit after the removal of alcohol. We patented the method and formed a company in Cognac, France, and then in the Rhone Valley north of Provence to make Eau de Vin®, water of wine. My goal was a non-alcoholic functional drink with the health benefits of red wine.


Over years of research the health benefits of grape wine were discovered within dozens of polyphenols found as tannins of red grape skins that have high antioxidant values and target specific receptors in the body as a detoxifying agent. Initially thought to be resveratrol, the benefits were found to be truly a mixture of dozens of all natural grape wine polyphenols that function together in synergy.

Searching for the best ingredients to formulate for taste and health as a non-alcoholic mixer with convenient 1 glass of wine equivalent dispensing, our team uncompromising in terms of flavor, quality and benefit…. VOILA! Wine Health Boost®.


Meet Wine Health Boost. The first all natural, 99.8% grape wine blend for Eau de Vin wine water health mix.