Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give Wine Health Boost to children?
Unlike the toxicity of alcoholic and sulfited wine, Wine Health Boost® is allergen free and non-toxic to adults and children. Up to 2 servings a day is recommended for adults. For children under the age of 13 please consult your pediatrician about regular consumption. All of the ingredients in Wine Health Boost are non-toxic and generally regarded as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA-GRAS).
What kind of ‘boost” do I get?
Wine Health Boost is an all natural antioxidant superfood with detox properties as free radical scavengers. It tastes, looks and in fact is red wine when added to water but without the alcohol and sulfites that have been removed by vacuum distillation. With a broad spectrum natural concentrate of grape wine polyphenol antioxidants associated with the longevity of the Mediterranean diet, it is for daily use and long term health maintenance supporting immunity, cardiovascular health, and improved metabolism. Depending on the individual, short-term benefits associated with vasodilatation and the lowering of blood pressure and heart rate can occur in “white coat” hypertensive persons, such as a calming effect before a public presentation, reducing the so called “yips” on the golf course, or when focusing on the job or in leisure activities. Vasodilation is also associated with sexual function.
What is Wine Health Boost used for?
An alcohol free 99.8% pure natural grape wine concentrate with only 3 carbs and 13 calories a serving, Wine Health Boost can be used anytime and anyway as both a keto friendly dietary supplement by athletes and dieting weight watchers; or as a social recreational drink for non alcohol drinking situations as well as expecting mothers. Developed as a patent pending syrup to make non-alcoholic wine, it is made available directly as the syrup to use it your way by yourself as you like.
How do I store and keep Wine Health Boost?
The small 10-serving dispenser weighs about 2.5 ounces holding 1.69 fluid ounces (50 milliliters) which is enough syrup to make 10 glasses of non-alcoholic red wine (2 regular 750 ml wine bottles). It has a long shelf life after manufacture. After opening the flip top lid and dispensing a firm teaspoon squeeze through the calibrated valve, the recommended use of the remaining servings is within two weeks. Refrigeration is not needed and can be kept in the kitchen cabinet or pantry, or in a purse or pocket, after securely refastening the flip top lid.
What are the active ingredients in Wine Health Boost?
Red grape wine antioxidants are concentrated as a red wine extract in France through the removal of alcohol, sulfites and the majority of the grape water by vacuum distillation; and then water soluble dried grape skin, that are concentrated polyphenols (e.g. resveratrol), are added.
What does Wine Health Boost taste like?
After dispensing a firm teaspoon squeeze to 5 ounces of water, it tastes slightly sweet with both a grape juice and deep red wine flavor with the healthy tannin overtone of a hearty blend of French red wine. Without alcohol it does not have the aroma of alcoholic wine but when compared to red wine tastes similar if not better according to some. And keeping it 100% natural, no artificial ingredients have been added. Natural organic sweeteners, primarily a organic crystalline grape sugar made from USDA certified Italian organic grapes provides a natural grape sweetness. Less than 0.2% of the sweetener is natural organic stevia but Wine Health Boost is absent any stevia taste.
Are there any dyes in Wine Health Boost?
Wine Health Boost is clean label and all its color is 100% natural from the French red grape. Made with the fewest and finest ingredients possible, there is nothing that is not from the grape other than a touch of natural organic stevia. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors are added. It is all natural, with 100% organic sweetener, and 99.8% purely from Mediterranean grape ingredients imported from France and Italy. It is then formulated and blended in the United States as a patent pending mixture to make Wine Health Boost®


Meet Wine Health Boost. The first all natural, 99.8% grape wine blend for Eau de Vin wine water health mix.