5 Healthy Wine Alternatives


Have you ever heard the saying, “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away?” 

Well according to a  Harvard study, that is in fact true. But the negative impacts of alcohol can’t be denied. From high blood pressure to liver disease alcohol can be extremely detrimental to your health. There are plenty of healthy wine alternatives to choose from, to get the benefis you desire from a daily glass of wine. Here are six healthy wine alternatives to implement into a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Wine Health Boost

Wine Health Boost is the ultimate healthy wine alternative. Wine Health Boost® is a functional non alcoholic beverage providing a pure all natural NA red wine concentrate easily dispensed from a small pocket-size 10 serving bottle, each teaspoon serving enhancing any food or drink with a 13 calorie glass of red wine’s health and flavor at less than $1 a glass. You will receive all of the benefits red wine has to offer minus the negative impacts from the alcohol. 



This fermented and natural  drink is made from black or green tea and a sprinkling of bacteria. A very trendy and popular choice amongst millennials, Kombucha isn’t a sugar based product. The taste, while appealing to some, may be intimidating for most. Regardless of the taste, it is definitely a healthy choice as a wine alternative.



Mocktail bars are popping up across the nation. A mocktail is a non alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks/ A popular destination in large metros, particularly hipster filled neighborhoods, a mocktail bar tends to be expensive. Additionally, many of these drinks are made with soda, high fructose corn syrup and other not nutritional additives. When ordering a mocktail, make sure you ask what the ingredients are and if there are any natural options. 



Exercise the backbone of every healthy lifestyle decision. But the benefits you can get from a glass of red wine can also be found in exercise. Exercise can control weight and combat health conditions and disease. There is truly something out there for everyone when it comes to exercise. 



A large motivator in drinking a glass of wine is the ability to relax and calm your nerves. Meditation can be a great alternative to do just that. Meditation can help you gain a new perspective on stressful situations while building skills to manage your stress. Through an increase in self awareness, meditation can be a very healthy wine alternative. Especially for those seeking relaxation from a glass of wine.