How It Works


How Red Wine Polyphenols Neutralize Toxins

Mulitple hydroxyl groups of red grape polyphenols make potent and powerful antioxidants that donate electrons to neutralize a free radical before it can damage normal biological tissues and cell function. Wine Health Boost is a 30x concentrate of natural red wine polyphenols.


The Added Health Benefit of Alcohol Free Red Wine

Alcohol metabolizes into acetaldehyde that is a potent toxin and produces free radicals that consume red wine’s polyphenol antioxidants. However alcohol hormesis science shows that 14 grams alcohol (4 oz glass of 13% abv wine or one 12 oz 5% abv beer) is beneficial at a dose of 1 drink a day for women and 2 a day for men, but can vary between individuals according to genetics and metabolism (“Alcohol and Aging: From epidemiology to mechanism. Trans. Med. of Aging, V 1: 18-23 Oct 2017). Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. Wine’s health benefit is doubled when the alcohol is removed allowing more red wine polyphenols to neutralize acetaldehyde and other toxins in the body. WINE HEALTH BOOST is alcohol free and has the same concentration and broad profile of the natural polyphenols that are found in red wine that are responsible for red wine health benefits. Not just one polyphenol provides the health benefit but a broad natural spectrum. With WINE HEALTH BOOST you can now enjoy the health benefits of red wine without worrying about alcohol’s side effects or toxicity and use it any beverage to add health and flavor.


Meet Wine Health Boost. The first all natural, 99.8% grape wine blend for Eau de Vin wine water health mix.