Immunity & Anti-Inflammatory

Affordable Immunity Booster Drink Online
High polyphenol red wine improves immunity as their broad spectrum polyphenol antioxidants from red grape skin and seeds target and scavenge free radicals generated by antigens that elicit the inflammatory immune response.
Wine Health Boost offers an Affordable Immunity Booster Drink Online reasonably priced. In 2020 Wine Spectator reported a scientific study that the tannins (polyphenols) found only in red grape skins interfered with COVID-19 virus enzymes inhibiting the covid virus activity.

Supporting  Research

This study, as reported in “Wine Spectator” from the American Journal of Cancer Research (Am J. Cancer Res.  2020: 10(12): 4538-4546) of six polyphenols tested, tannins from red grape skins were effective at reducing enzyme activity of Covid-19. Antiviral properties of grapes and wines have been known for over 50 years (Appl Environ Microbiol. 1976 Dec. 32(6): 757-763; Food Control. 2015 Jan. 502-509). The whole natural extract of High Polyphenol Wine has greater health benefits than their individual polyphenols. For example, as reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in a 2018 study of the potential anti-inflammatory effects of red wine extract and resveratrol (Nutrients, 2018 Dec 10(12):1856) it was found natural red grape wine extract promoted anti-inflammatory immune response by modulation of the cytokine IL-1B in macrophages better than the stilbenoid resveratrol, one of many functional polyphenols found in red grapes.

Another red grape polyphenol, the flavonoid quercetin, acts synergistically with vitamin C in both the prevention and treatment of viral diseases (Front. Immunol. 2020; 11:1451).  Red grape polyphenols are useful in treating viral infections performing similar to Vit C and Vit D expressing the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE-2) reducing the consequent inflammatory effects (Clinical Hypertension. 2020; 26:14) at the receptor of COVID-19. Red grape polyphenols express the longevity genes (SIRT1-7)  often referred to as the French Paradox (J Clin Exp Cardiolog 2012: Nov 3(11) 216).  For example, an increase in SIRT1 expresses ACE-2  (Circ. Res. 2016; 118(8):1313-1326).


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