Introducing Wine Health Boost

NouvEau Inc. introduces WINE HEALTH BOOST to the market. WINE HEALTH BOOST is an all natural concentrate of  99.8% pure red grape wine where a teaspoon measure equals the health benefits of a 5-ounce glass. It is a nutraceutical to supplement food, drink or water, packing 2 bottles of alcohol-free antioxidant-rich red wine in a 2.5-ounce dispenser.  A health drink for all consumers including the ⅓ of adults who choose not to drink alcohol.

Consumers increasingly  demand healthy and environmentally friendly products. With just 13 calories a serving, WINE HEALTH BOOST is keto and climate friendly in a recyclable dispenser, supporting immunity, cardio and metabolic health as well as sleep, memory, skin tone and overall quality of life. It contains no alcohol, sulfites, allergens and is gluten free.

“As someone who enjoys red wine for its health, I just got tired of the side effects of the alcohol that are counterproductive to the health benefits. There is a huge demand in the market to get the positive benefits of red wine. The free radical scavenging of reactive oxygen species that red wine’s polyphenol antioxidants provide reduces the oxidative stress that contributes to many diseases and improves overall quality of life,” says Dr. Tom Peyton, President of NouvEau Inc and co-inventor of WINE HEALTH BOOST, who searched across Mediterranean vineyards for the ingredients and formulated the product
with his team.

“For daily health maintenance it’s simple, all you have to do is  add a teaspoon squeeze to water to make zero alcohol wine; or to any drink. And to top it off, there are only 13 calories and 3 carbs in one serving.”

“The goal is to make a healthy impact on the community while being conscious of those who choose not to drink alcohol. We provide a healthy alternative that also provides the psychological satisfaction of drinking a traditional alcohol based glass of wine,” said Dr. Peyton.

About Wine Health Boost
WINE HEALTH BOOST has an unlimited number of uses. Its popular use is to mix with lemon, lime and orange drinks. It has a smooth mouthfeel and semi-sweet to the taste with dark currant tones.  It is a Healthy Wine Alternative. Its natural simplicity drives your curiosity to try it straight as a non-alcoholic wine or spritzer or at other portions in other fruit and foods, such as yogurt and ice cream; and beverages, such as smoothies, sangria and in cocktails. And for those who like their alcohol, it can be added to champagne, prosecco and even hard seltzers.