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“The health benefits of natural red wine polyphenols such as resveratrol are well recognized by the medical community. Wine Health Boost provides these polyphenols as an easy-to-use alcohol-free supplement to any drink.”

William Bray, MD Lafayette, IN
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“I am 22 years old and our age group doesn’t drink wine especially red wine that is an acquired taste. I always thought people drank wine for the alcohol but now understand the health benefits of red wine known for thousands of years. Our group thinks Boost tastes better than red wine and without alcohol we can mix it in whatever we like at any time for its calming and focusing benefit as well as long term health.”

Luke Truitt New York, NY

“I put a squeeze in my Mediterranean smoothies every morning for the health benefit of grapes without the calories, alcohol or additives.”

Julie Ginn Lafayette, IN

“Makes a refreshing afternoon Sangria mixed in water with apples, orange, grapes and other fruits.”

Meg Burk Indianapolis, IN

“Le Raisin is “the grape” in French and Boost has a black current and grape-raisin flavor. It looks like cabernet sauvignon when added to water and smells like grape juice. Packaging size is very convenient, easy to mix. Good to excellent.”

Kathryn Peck Costa Mesa, CA

“I am a busy businesswoman and Boost is calming getting me back to sleep if I wake up to work in the middle of the night.”

Cathy Russell W. Lafayette, IN

“I carry it in my purse. Has more antioxidant benefits with fewer calories than sweetened tea. Love it.”

Patti Truitt, Attorney Lafayette, IN

“Has the aroma of sherry.”

Will Phelps Napa Valley, CA


Meet Wine Health Boost. The first all natural, 99.8% grape wine blend for Eau de Vin wine water health mix.