Wine Health Boost: A Red Wine Antioxidant

What Is Wine Health Boost?
Wine and vitamins typically aren’t words that are synonymous with each other. That is until now. Wine Health Boost is a red wine based antioxidant and is best described as a nutraceutical. Wine Health Boost is more medicinal than flavorful for daily health maintenance to reduce oxidative stress associated with many diseases including, immunity, cardiovascular, hypertension, atherosclerosis, type II diabetes, dementia, skin care, erectile dysfunction, sleep and memory.

How does Wine Health Boost work?
Multiple hydroxyl groups of red grape polyphenols make potent and powerful antioxidants that donate electrons to neutralize a free radical before it can damage normal biological tissues and cell function. Wine Health Boost is a 30x concentrate of natural red wine polyphenols. Alcohol metabolizes into acetaldehyde that is a potent toxin and produces free radicals that consume red wine’s polyphenol antioxidants. Alcohol free red wine health benefit is doubled when the alcohol is removed allowing more red wine polyphenols to neutralize other toxins in the body. WINE HEALTH BOOST is alcohol free and has the same concentration and broad profile of the natural polyphenols that are found in red wine that are responsible for red wine health benefits. Not just one polyphenol provides the health benefit but a broad natural spectrum. With WINE HEALTH BOOST you can now enjoy the health benefits of red wine without worrying about alcohol’s side effects or toxicity and use any beverage to add health and flavor.

What are the benefits of Wine Health Boost?
WINE HEALTH BOOST provides a variety of benefits, including: 

  • 99.8% Pure Grape Wine
  • Zero Alcohol – Zero Sulfites
  • 100% Organic Sweeteners
  • 100% Natural
  • 13 Calories, 3 Carbs
  • High In Antioxidants
  • Daily Health Maintenance
  • Recyclable Package

Where can I buy Wine Health Boost?
Buy WINE HEALTH BOOST today directly through our website,  and enjoy all the health benefits it will bring to your life with 1-2 servings a day. Red wine is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and physicians often recommend 1-2 glasses a day for health maintenance for the benefit of the red grape polyphenol antioxidants. We’re always happy to hear from new and returning customers