Wine Health Boost is Recyclable

wine recycle

We are doing everything we can to make Wine Health Boost a healthy and environmentally responsible experience. Each 2.5 ounce vial of Wine Health Boost represents 5.3 pounds or 2 glass bottles of wine saving over 30X the greenhouse gas emissions in transporting before and after use. Also alcohol free, each vial represents 0.15 liters of recovered alcohol biofuels  further offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Finally our HDPE 2 packaging is safe and recyclable.

Wine Health Boost Packaging
Wine Health boost utilizes HDPE 2 plastic. HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene is a stiff and strong plastic that can handle a good amount of wear. HDPE has good chemical resistance meaning it will not react with foods, beverages, or household chemicals being stored. HDPE plastic is hard-wearing and does not break down under exposure to sunlight thus protecting the quality of Wine Health Boost.

Recycling HDPE 2 Plastic
HDPE 2 plastic is easily recyclable. Almost all curbside pickup programs will accept HDPE as it is the most common form of recycled plastic. Milk jugs are actually made of the same HDPE 2 the majority of the time. Simply rinse out your Wine Health Boost package when finished with it
and toss it in your recycle bin. What are the benefits of Wine Health Boost? While it’s good for the environment, it is also great for your health. Wine Health Boost is a healthy wine alternative that provides a variety of benefits including:

● 99.8% Pure Grape Wine
● Zero Alcohol – Zero Sulfites
● 100% Organic Sweeteners
● 100% Natural
● 13 Calories, 3 Carbs
● High In Antioxidants
● Daily Health Maintenance
● Recyclable Package

Where can I buy Wine Health Boost?
Buy WINE HEALTH BOOST today directly through our website, and enjoy all the health benefits it will bring to your life with 1-2 servings a day. Red wine is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and physicians often recommend 1-2 glasses a day for health maintenance for the benefit of the red grape polyphenol antioxidants. We’re always happy to hear from new and returning customers